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  • Lab of Viral Zoonotics (LVZ)

Lab of Viral Zoonotics (LVZ)

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Welcome to the Lab of Viral Zoonotics

Welcome to the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics (LVZ). The LVZ focuses on cross species transmission of viruses, and the co-evolution of viruses and their hosts including the evolution of immune mechanisms of disease, disease resistance and prevention..


We designed and run the newest, state of the art biological Containment Level 3 (CL3) laboratory at the University as well as operate a new multiparamenter Flow sorting facility for single cell sorting of infectious samples under CL3 conditions. This new facility enables the isolation and direct sequencing of single cells of different types infected with a variety of different viral agents or transforming plasmids. We have made both our CL3 facilities and FACS CL3 Suite available for use by members of the University. 

CL3 FACS Suite

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